Some of the different shapes

Information about what I have to offer

Welcome to my Website, you will find Nail Designs that I personally create to give you a BESPOKE Style.

I began training as a nail technician 5 years ago and Started doing BESPOKE SCULPTED Nail Extensions 2 years ago .


I have always been interested in nails and wanted to do something that was different from other Nail Technician,So I began my journey to bring you the BESPOKE Nail Creations.


To do Sculpted Nails I use a paper form (which is removed at the end) instead of using plastic tips which are glued on  

Sculpted Nails are lighter to wear, more comfortable and giving you a more natural nail shape.


I offer SCULPTED Nails in all different designs and formats, including your more popular shapes

Square, Round, Almond and Squoval.


I also offer EXTREME SCULPTED shapes for the more adventurous client.

Stilletto, Russian Almond, Pipe and Edge.